Have you ever wondered about your Zodiac sign, but didn’t know where to start? In your Astrological Birth Chart Reading, you will learn and understand how to incorporate your sun, moon and rising sign as well as all of your personal planets into your everyday life and what it all means for you. So that you can connect and know yourself on a deeper level.

This is a Powerful Blueprint to your Life!


This experience can be highly therapeutic. During the 1 hour and 15 minute Reading there is a in Depth look at your Cosmic Blueprint (Birth Chart). We will also do an Akashic Record Card Reading & Numerology Reading to begin the session. After the Reading you will receive an in depth written description for you personally sent via Email. Anyone can receive this Magical Reading, no prior knowledge of Astrology is required. All that is needed is your time, date and place of birth.  

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 1 hour  & 15 minutes 

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