Astrology is a powerful Cosmic Science to knowing yourself deeper and breaking through fears and blockages that may be holding you back from Greatness. Getting to know your Birth chart is like getting to know your soul, this is why I call them Soul Readings. This type of Astrology Therapy can be highly powerful and effective to changing your life, letting go of past experiences and allowing the new into your life.

Each Soul Reading is 1 hour and 15 minutes and it includes an Akashic Record Card Reading & Numerology Reading as well as a Astrology Reading of your choice. After the Soul Reading you will receive a written overview for you written by Valentine personally sent via Email. Anyone can receive these Magical Offerings, no prior knowledge of Astrology is required. All that is needed is your time, date and place of birth.  

Types of Soul Readings: 

The Basics 

Learn your Planets & Personality

(Start here if you have little knowledge about your Birth Chart)

Deeper Transformation

Planets & Houses Placements

Solar Return 

Birthday Reading for the Focus of your Year Ahead

Relationship Reading

Book an Online Astrology Reading

All Readings 1 hour  & 15 minutes 

Exchange 150 (Per Reading)

Please Note: All Readings currently take place Online via Zoom