EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

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What is EFT & how does it work?

EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is very similar to having an Acupuncture Treatment.
EFT works to heal the body on all levels, while working with the bodies energy system and energy meridian lines as well as balancing the emotional body of any stress and tension it may be carrying also healing the body mentally and physically as it is all connected. EFT works to reprogram the subconscious mind from any and all blocks you may have.
 This is a relatively new technique and can be highly transformation because of how fast and effective it works to release pain, suffering, trauma, disease and stress from the body, mind and soul. 

EFT Online Treatments

(Via Zoom & Session can be Recorded for you)
- A Session can range from Healing and releasing what you are currently struggling with.
- Past Life Trauma EFT
- Child Birth EFT
- Healing the Inner Child EFT
- Stress, Anxiety and Depression EFT
1 Session 100
5 Sessions 450
1 Session 88 (Special)
Special until October 31st 2021

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EFT Tapping into Abundance Challenge

Online 7 Day Course 

Join Valentine for 7 Days of EFT Tapping Online. Each day you will receive a video to your inbox with a 20-25 minute video to Tap into Abundance in all areas of your life! 


We will use the Theme of Abundance and Prosperity and activate it in all areas of your life. Prepare to feel like a Queen!


We will start the 7 Day Challenge on Monday October 4th until Sunday October 10th. The videos are yours to keep to you can practice and download them and reuse whenever works for you. 



Online via Zoom & Drop Box  

Videos will be posted daily the night before.