Directing Your Destiny Online Astrology Workshop

This 1.5 hour Workshop is designed for you to dig deeper into your personal Astrological chart to uncover your Soul's path and Destiny! 

What we will Learn: 
- Learn all of places in the Chart that show destiny, karma and soul path
- Learn about your Astrological North & South Nodes
- Learn about the Chart Axis 
- Navigate your Ascendant & Descendant
- Learn about your IC & Midheaven

Your Soul's Path and destiny is hidden in our Astrological Birth Chart. Activate your Dharma or Destiny by learning about your Nodes, AC, DC, IC & Midheaven. Learning about these placements is a game changer in knowing yourself and your path in this lifetime. And just in time for the Astrological New Year & Spring! 

Sunday April 11th, 2021

7:30pm Swiss Time 

6:30pm UK Time 

1:30pm Toronto Time 

Online via Zoom 




Becoming Fearless Online Workshop 


This Online Offering is designed to remove blockages and fears from your life while relaxing you at the same time. We will work with a bundle of healing modalities such as:


~ Restorative Yoga 

~ Distance Reiki 

~ EFT Emotional Freedom Technique 

~ Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation)

~ Akashic Record Card Reading 


This magical lesson is designed to release the fears that hold you back with nourishing AF Restorative Yoga, we will also use the magical powers of EFT (Scientifically proven technique known as Tapping on Energy Meridian Lines). So that you can relax into bliss body and finally LET GO with the chillest Yoga Nidra. When we hold into fears and past painful experiences they can stop us from receiving what we really want. 


Allow yourself to move forward. Get out of your own way and FEEL GREAT. Treat yourself to a night of healing and self care.




Date & Time:

Sunday April 18th 

8- 9:30pm CET

2- 3:30pm EST

Online via Zoom 






Email Yogimoviestar@gmail.com 


Other info: 

This workshop is in English

Please have a pen and paper with you.

All Welcome, no previous experience required!

The Radiance Masterclass


This cosmic healing collection is a 4 week online course designed to enhance and activate your own personal Radiance. To keep you GLOWING, inspired and focused on LOVE.

Each week there will be a video & audio recording to download for replay and to keep forever. You will be sent the Replay to download and keep as well as weekly inspiration and guidance for the week ahead.

What does this include?

Each divine weekly seminar will include:

A different theme each week
An Akashic Record Download
An Astrology Forecast
Guided Meditation
Guided Yoga Nidra
Inspiration Tips for the Week Ahead
Distance Reiki Healing
A weekly Playlist
Dancing & Laughter Exercises
Yoga Restorative/Yin
Powerful Kundalini Kriyas
A weekly Card Reading
Each class/ workshop is yours to keep


Week 1 - Awakening Beauty

Week 2 - Awakening Love

Week 3 - Awakening Freedom

Week 4 - Awakening Joy/ Radiance

Regular 120

Early Bird 88

The audio & video recordings from the course will be available for full download to keep.

Online VIA Zoom
A Link will be sent each Week before & after the seminar



Who is this Cosmic Collection for?

If you are drawn to awaken all of your personal radiant power to become your most glowing & alive self!

If you are seeking a weekly course to keep your relaxed, inspired and committed to your own soul healing.

To remember that you are a light being that came here to change the frequency of the planet.

To give yourself a little love and support through challenging times.

This course is for everyone. No previous experience is required. All beings come as you are.





Restorative Teacher Training Weekend

Join Valentine aka Yogi Movie Star in the weekend intensive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training!

This course will give you the tools to be able to teach Restorative Yoga Classes and Workshops. If you love Restorative Yoga and want to learn more, if you want to deepen your Restorative practice or teach yourself this is for you.

Valentine has been teaching & practicing Restorative Yoga for over 7 years all over the world. She has studied Restorative Yoga in Canada & the UK. Valentine's favourite Yoga is Restorative and she is passionate about sharing it with you.

What you will learn in this Course:

-What is Restorative Yoga?
- What is the difference between Restorative & Yin Yoga?
- How does Restorative Yoga Work?
- The Purpose of the Restorative Practice
- The History of Restorative Yoga
- All Restorative Yoga Poses
- Breath work for Restorative Yoga
- Adjustments & Hands on Assists
- Using Props: The How to
- Restorative Yoga & Injuries
-Restorative Yoga & Pregnancy
- Holding the Space for Restorative
- Voice & Confidence in the Classroom
- How to Teach a Class (Practice)
- Sequencing a Restorative Class
- Music for Restorative Yoga
- Theming a Restorative Class/ Workshop
- Restorative Yoga Business

You will leave this training feeling inspired and rested and ready to practice/teach Restorative Yoga. You will receive a manual and a certificate. This course is in the process of becoming Yoga Alliance Certified, it is not yet certified. 


Saturday & Sunday May 22nd & 23rd
In order to receive your Certificate you must attend all days.

Location Zurich TBA


Further Info: 

This Course is in English