Unlimited Emotional Freedom 7 Days of EFT Tapping

Online Course


It's time to become the most UNLIMITED version of yourself. 


Release the limits, stress, anxiety & depression that's holding you back.


Join Valentine in 7 Miraculous Days of EFT Tapping. This Course is designed to Free you Emotionally of anything that triggers, unbalances or bothers you. It is designed to create feelings of being UNLIMITED so you can truly do anything that you desire.  


You will receive a 15-20 minute Daily Video (each night before) for 7 Days with a different theme each day to support you in clearing your energy, balancing the body, becoming emotionally free, and being your truest most radiant self. You can do the video whenever is best for you and you can do it as many times as you like. 


Themes we will be working with: 

- Power

- Strength 

- Support

- Letting go of Fear

- Releasing the Limits of others/ Conditioning 

- Releasing the Limits of Self

- Becoming Emotionally Free



Starts July 12th for 7 Days 

There is no Live Video the recording is sent each day the night before.



Online Via Zoom and Drop Box

Videos are Available to Download 



75 before July 5th

Early Price also includes a 1-1 EFT Session

100 after July 5th 

Summer Solstice Reiki Restorative Celebration

Join Valentine in a 2 hour soul rejuvenating Summer Solstice Celebration. We will use the transformational techniques of Restorative Yoga, Reiki healing, Akashic Cards, EFT Tapping and Meditation to allow our LIGHT selves to shine through. This is a very special time of year where we can more easily tap into prosperity magic, miracles and messages from the universe. 

We will use the theme of the Summer Solstice to align us with our highest power, deepest relaxation and greatest light.

What this Workshop Includes: 
- A way to Celebrate Summer Solstice
- Restorative Yoga 
- Reiki Energy Healing
- Akashic Records Channeling 
- EFT Group Tapping 
- Meditation
- Yoga Nidra 


Younion Yoga 


Sunday June 20th 






Restorative Yoga Immersion Weekend

Join Valentine aka Yogi Movie Star in this transformational Restorative Yoga Immersion Weekend!

This course will give you the tools to be able to teach Restorative Yoga Classes and Workshops. If you love Restorative Yoga and want to learn more, if you want to deepen your Restorative practice or teach yourself this is for you.

Valentine has been teaching & practicing Restorative Yoga for almost 10 years all over the world. She has studied Restorative Yoga in Canada & the UK. Valentine's favourite Yoga is Restorative and she is passionate about sharing it with you. 

What you will learn in this Course:
-What is Restorative Yoga?
- What is the difference between Restorative & Yin Yoga?
- How does Restorative Yoga Work?
- The Purpose of the Restorative Practice
- Restorative Yoga Poses 
- Breath work for Restorative Yoga
- Adjustments & Hands on Assists
- Using Props: The How to
- Restorative Yoga & Injuries
-Restorative Yoga & Pregnancy 
- Holding the Space for Restorative 
- Voice & Confidence in the Classroom 
- How to Teach a Class (Practice)
- Sequencing a Restorative Class 
- Music for Restorative Yoga
- Theming a Restorative Class/ Workshop
- Restorative Yoga Business

You will leave this training feeling inspired and rested (We will be practicing lots of Restore) and ready to practice/teach Restorative Yoga. You will receive a manual and a certificate of attendance. 

June 26th & 27th 2021
In order to receive your Certificate you must attend all days. 

Location Zurich
Younion Yoga 

850 CHF 
Limited Spots Available


Other Infos
Please Note that this Course is in English.
You do not need any prior Experience for this course.
In order to reserve your spot in the course a payment must be made.
There are no Refunds after Payments have been made.
Payment plans are available on Request.

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